Still Life

Capturing those quiet moments.

A still shot of a lighter igniting.

This is a windowsill in my apartment. I took this shot after a bit of night rain and it brought out something particularly interesting. I focused the camera on the silhouetted objects sitting on the ledge whereas the colours in the photo bring a lot of focus as well, creating a contrast between the two. The raindrops on the window are also within focus, but refract the light in such a way that they blend in with the streetlights in the far background. This creates a gradual transition between the two previously mentioned contrasts.
This image reminds me of something that I might find in an eye-spy book. Maybe its the clutter, maybe its the lighting, or maybe its both!

The view from my apartment balcony. It portrays a quiet city street compared to its very lively daytime counterpart. One can ofter hear sirens and horns during the day, but at night everything has quieted down.

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